Computer minds deserve gifts specially designed for geeks

Many people seem overly crazy for the gadgets, gizmos and novelties – everything that is latest and is the current trend. For people who are excessively indulged in technology, software and technical gadgets, it is pretty hard to get allured by any casual present like clothes, utility item, flowers, crockery etc. Normally to offer a gift to any friend, family member, relative or just an acquaintance in our life, we don’t think much or even bother that the person will like it or not. We go out, fish some clothes of latest fashion, some famous or favorite cologne or perfume, a bouquet, may be upholstery (in case if it’s someone’s marriage anniversary), etc. That doesn’t require much time to sort out the choice, neither much consideration on recipient’s part if it will be genuinely appreciated or not. But if it’s the case of a geek, then you do seriously need to consider the options. For geeks, mostly gadgets, things related to mobile, i-phones, computers or laptops and software systems will be the best options to choose from.


These people are brain wired to play Star Wars and they literally belong to some other world of high end technology. Thus they do not find joy in gifts which normal people would enjoy; their instant gratification lies in the tech gifts. Therefore at Computer Virus Dolls, we bring to you the vast assortment of technology gifts which are specifically designed for such geeks. The collection comprises Computer Virus Digits keychain versions of our first 4 CVD Doll designs.

Currently we are offering this entire range under four different categories- Virus, Worm, Trojan and Malware. Three more categories are much waited, which are Bug, Bot and Zombie. Certainly the name only will bring the geeky mania out of your nerd friend or special one. Each one of these gifts is attached with ribbon that is printed with binary code. This code – combination of 1s and 0s- spells out the doll’s name. The key chains also include the popup tags like the ones you see on screen while surfing. Silver 1s are energized bits. Moreover the toys are designed in such a way that at first their impression gives way to shock that you have got virus or some malicious software in your system sooner evoking laughter.

Let’s define each of these toys.

Virus: Designed like a stand with two large eyes, the virus keychain toy carries the hues of black, silver and blue. As we know computer virus is a part of digital code that links to an existing program and by spreading across all the file systems it infects the electronic apparatus. This totally corrupt and destroy the files on a system and diminishes its performance.

Worm: A black blood sucking worm look alike toy, with yellow eyes and silvered tentacles gives you the same horror filled look as it is imprinted at its face. By geek definition, a worm is a malicious program that produces its copies and wreaks havoc on system without linking itself to any existing program.

Trojan: A Trojan is namely a harmful program that fails the defense mechanisms in a system and lets the obnoxious things access the computer system. The Trojan keychain toy is designed like a doll with silver body and a face with sunken cheeks, but lightening tentacles on head. The toy has a hook attached to its body.

Malware: As the name says, Malware is harmful software which can bring destruction in cyberspace. It compromises security, deletes files, sends spasm messages and steals away sensitive info. The toy is designed like Halloween costume eyes.You choose any of the above mentioned tech gifts and your geek special one is surely going to feel indebted for that. These are the gifts for computer people; they never will take it for granted.

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Tech gifts for Kids

Now days, reading books is not the only way of teaching, many tech toy, online games and other interesting tools are coming to teach students. With the upcoming of various educational aids learning has become easy and interesting.

Computer virus doll are world famous exporters and suppliers of wide range of tech gifts items that include Geek gifts, nerd gifts, tech gifts and many more. We are well reputed and leading company providing the world class that are globally used as teaching aids by tech people , researchers,. These are stuff toys that resemble computer virus.


These toys act as great gift to computer people where they can use these toys to make children and adults to learn and understand what virus are and how they affect computer. What are the various hazards of virus in computer? On the other hand, in what ways virus are of great use for computer.


These are also known as “Geek gifts” or “models” where many computer people have made research on various virus and use these soft toys for their research work. With these tech gifts people can compare toys with real virus. How they look and appear? How their features and functions work And, in this way, we can easily learn many things about this virus and get familiar with their activities, functionality and behavior.


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Education is most precious asset for any child in today’s world

Education is most precious asset for any child in today’s world. With good education, a child can gain discretion, hone his skills and sharpen his talents. This leads him to his bright future. Nowadays if you are thinking of gifting any child on his birthday or any other festive occasion, think of nothing else but educational toys only. Yes, you can gift the kid any video game, which is obviously a craze among children. But give it thought for a while; would it be worth the child’s mental development?


Apart from tech gifts like video games, dummy cell phones, cameras etc. there are clothes, playing toys, watches and much more. These gifts will certainly charm the kid for some time; it will dazzle his or her eyes and engage him or her for long hours. But at the end the child will have imbibed knowledge for nothing. He will have learned nothing but
just something to showoff to his friends and something to boast to the world. Whereas if you gift some kind of educational toys to the child, he will have learned some skill from the gifted material.

There are many educational toys available in the market many of which you can shop online. There are gifts as per the subjects, for example, science, nature, history, geography and much important math. You can purchase some picture books like a book with historical places and constructions, a book with varied nature scenes and animal or plant life, a
book with puzzle in the forms of pictures and much more. Besides if you are well aware of interests and hobbies of the child, you can opt from the same.

Some children are very creative since their childhood; they have got artistic inclinations. Some love to draw, sketch and paint while others love to read story books and make writings detailing their own little wonderful experiences. For such kids, you can buy story books, sketching or drawing books, crayon or painting colors, writing pads etched with attractive covers etc. Such gifts encourage the child to lean more and develop the inherent skill and talent more and more. By gifting such useful gifts to children, you bring out their mental, moral and behavioral growth and overall the integrity in their character. Try gifting few kids educational gifts and see the difference rather the improvement you triggered in them. You will be amazed!

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Computer Malware Dolls: Giant versions of Digitized Viruses

Viruses are living micro-organisms found on this earth. But this word is also related to world of computers which is a non living world. So, this non living world has its different limitations and capabilities. Whatever will be the case, the point is that computers also get infected with viruses and any stuff like that. The only difference – one is living and the other one is non-living.

Now, the thing is that if our computers get infected with these viruses, then how bad we feel. It may be shocking if it really going to hurt some of your important files or folders. So, you always want to keep your computer away from this problem. But, if I tell you about one virus, then you would always like to have a one for you! Just read a
little more and the suspense will be opened out!


Unique Computer Friend

COMPUTER Malware Dolls, Bug Dolls, Bot Dolls – the plushes or toys that have been made to represent the computer viruses and are the funny versions of the same. You can have a plush for yourself, in case you want to place it on your computer table of you want to have it to be given as a gift for your friend. Your computer might be in a need of a good

Binary Digits Make Over

All of us are aware of the fact that computers are made up of binary codes – 0 and 1. And these are all the logic that is enough to solve all the functionalities of these viruses and computers. Now, if this is so, then how these toys can leave this fact as unrevealed? So, for the sake of a real representation, these toys have also been made using binary digits embossed in different ways so as to give the maximized real effects. Thus, making the required shapes!

MALWARE itself stands for malicious software, so does these COMPUTER MALWARE DOLLS! Malicious software itself is a threat for computers and has been known to be the most dangerous ones. These have become a threat to our security, files and doing things like security.


A lot of varieties like Malware, Bots, Viruses and Trojan till now have been developed and the remaining ones are going to be developed with time. The upcoming varieties are related to different aspects of the insertion of the shapes of Bots, Bugs and Zombies into them. These all are available just like a key chain versions of the real ones. So, buy your new bug dolls today as we are going to make them fluffier and entertaining than before to make them just fit for your next time gift for your friend or as a thing for your computer table.

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Why to choose for Zombie Dolls and Tech Gifts?

Today we are well equipped with astonishing gadgets and technologies that are present all around us. We all have become habitual of all these things to the level that these have become our necessities and we now are not able to live in an environment without them. So, we need these that are it! So, how about your life – Is it different for you or you agree with my statement


I am a very positive person and have already assumed that you are also involved in same type of thinking as it is not that much incorrect. So, moving further, today i am writing all this to say that when it is a condition for us to live up like this, so why to make up all the things boring? Let’s do some happening things or I would more probably like to say that purchasing some kind of things that will entertain us and will be according to the taste of our daily lifestyle.

Let’s open the suspense I am talking about. Actually, I have seen and even purchase a new thing for my computer table, for which I am so much excited that i want to share this with all of you! It’s the newly come up computer virus dolls. Now you might be thinking that what is special in this type of toys. So, the stress point is this: These dolls have been made by visualizing computer viruses. And thus you will find their shapes resembling to the hypothetical computer malicious viruses.

The new and added fact is that in a new world, with new energies and technologies, why not to play with the sophisticated and standardized novelty toys. You can place them at your computer tables, besides your computer table, for seeing it whenever you are going to use your computer. You will be seeing a toy sitting their welcoming you whenever you are going to get started with the work on your computer.

This is one of the best options to be given to one of your friend who is a gadgets lover. As one who is a gadget lover, will also going to like computer at one of its topmost priority. So, you are just going to amaze your friend with Zombie Dolls, Tech Gifts, Nerd Gifts, Novelty Toys and whatever you want to call this unique type of doll!

Next time whenever you are going to purchase a Nerd Gifts or Zombie Dolls, you are going to feel the real excitement after knowing its usage. Now we have end up with the discussion of a thing that will be looked upon differently by you or your friend!

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Exclusive Idea for choosing Doctor gifts or Nurse gifts…

When it comes to choosing gifts for Nurses and Doctors, then the choice should be unique from simpler ones. And the thing has to be different both in terms of its look and feel.The reason for this to be unique is because Doctor’s are having a different type of thinking, due to their life style and standard.


This different thinking makes it a compulsion to search exclusive Doctor Gifts and Nurse Gifts. If you are really inspired by the work of them or you are having any one of your relatives to be from this field, then you might also be thinking of giving them a unique gift from your side. I have an idea for this: Giant Microbes, which are larger representations of the smaller and invisible living organisms, which can only be seen with the help of microscope.

This gift will be liked by all the people of this field because of one basic reason behind this: They have different way of visualizing all things and do so because of their different character. They have learned and have seen different type of things from beginning when they have started studying their studies. So, this can be understood in their

After having immersed so much deeply in the world of their thoughts, one thing can surely be added: Giant Microbes resembles the same kind of minute organisms that is the part of their studies all over the world and have been taken even from a long outline of all the common diseases seen around day to day life. What say?

Till now you have been getting into a position of becoming so much aware of one thing that can be used as Doctor Gifts or we can also say same thing for Nurse Gifts. The fact behind everything makes a thing sensible for people who understand and insensible fr those who doesn’t get the meaning of the same.

These fabulous and sweet toys also inspires children to learn basic shapes of some of the organisms related to science fields, so can also be given to them. This is to make them enjoy besides providing them a grand pool of learning the basic concepts. Thus, solving their main concepts and concerns!

These toys are available in multiple colors with a large amount of variations in the shapes. These shapes denote the basic characteristics of these organisms in reality. The research has been based on the microscopic facts and figures that have been found out the scientists till now. So, have fun with these new toys!

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‘Giant Microbes’ A gift for your doctor and a toy for your children!

Some things are made to provide 2 in 1 effect and Giant microbes are one of them. One point of view is that they are toys to play with them. The second point of view is that they are seen as Educational toys, seems to be a scientific approach to be attached with them. Or we can also name them as Geek gifts or Science toys – Making you learn all
science terms to be known to all children s.


The approach is correct also as these provides children a way to learn with playing in their own friendly way. And the fact is that children gets adapted with these very easily as these are soft toys, so no harm will be done to small kids while playing with them. So, in short we can say that one of the safe and knowledgeable things to be given to
smaller kids.

Along with solving the purpose of playing of children, these are also capable of solving the issue of choosing an item to be given to one of your friends, relative or family member. Most effective when given to a doctor or nurse or to a person having good sense of humor.

I have mentioned “to a person having good sense of humor” because these educational toys or geek gifts find their best meaning in that case. The reason is that these toys represents the small microorganisms that have been shaped with the medium of these ones. So, only the doctors or whosoever have studied science and is aware of scientific terms can only be able to understand this effect.

Do you know what are GIANT MICROBES?

Viruses and microorganisms are small living organisms that are invisible to life and can be seen with the help of micro-organisms. And giant microbes are the toys that have been made in the shapes in which these are generally found by scientists. Also immersed in the same color tone. So more than millions and billions of size greater than the original

Considering the above mentioned point, we can say that we will find it useful for all who wants to provide some knowledge to their children s and also don’t want to spoil their playing skills. As i have said in the beginning – 2-in-1 role! One side childrens are driving their educational skills and on the other they are increasing their potential.

Overall, think differently and act differently than others – You can prove this saying in either two ways. Firstly, you can provide it as a gift to a person who is fond of science or having a good sense of humor. And the other thing is to provide your child an impact of positivist and knowledge by giving them these as toys!

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